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During our training you will notice the difference, we are motivated to let you take that next step. Based on our interest in knowledge, professionalism and our belief in the power of simplicity, we develop financial training and training in the field of risk and governance. We have been doing this for 15 years now.
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Our vision on training and learning is worked out very concretely in all elements of the Stepmile training courses. We link these elements to the high-quality requirements that various authorities set for us, such as the NBA, CEDEO, and Stepmile itself. We believe it is important that our courses are accessible to everyone, that they are motivating, and that they have excellent content.
We do not have a reputation of 100 years ago, like the organizations from which we originate, but we still work according to the strict quality requirements of those international top companies. We have translated our unique learning excellence concept into an online variant.
All Stepmile financial training courses are interactive. Your teacher walks through the material with you, reflects, and gives you plenty of space to ask questions. That is why groups in-classroom training (in-company or customization) are never larger than 10 people so that everyone can ask their own questions and contribute to their practical situation. Stepmile's eLearnings are also interactive. By taking tests you test your own knowledge and develop the necessary skills during the practical exercises. It is our aim to deliver the same high quality in both classroom and online training.


We are one of the most progressive providers of financial training. We work with the United Nations, Football Players Union, and international multinationals. Stepmile also provides services to smaller companies and individuals. Especially because we realize that one individual can make the difference!