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ISAE 3402 SOC1 | Advanced

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Any experience with SOC 1 (ISAE 3402) and ready to make the next step? This advanced training helps you understand how you can advise and help your organization.


Learning elements




The focus on risk identification and risk management is important within the SOC 1 standard. In this advanced course, you will look in-depth and look at unique situations in practice to train you to become a true SOC 1 expert with the guidance of our trainer. The training has been developed in collaboration with This is the reason why we can guarantee our SOC 1 advanced course is the most complete and current.

Standard In-Depth

With the basic knowledge you know how to implement the standard, but how could you best advise your organization or guide them in unique situations. During the training, you will practice with cases to train yourself to become the expert you always wanted to be. 

Result course

At the end of the course, you call yourself a professional SOC 1 expert who can advise and implement any organization. You are ready to face any situation and know how to act and archive the results of the organization. 

Key facts
6 - 8 hours
Lesson 1 Summary basis

A short summary is given about the basis of the SOC 1 standard to refresh your knowledge. 

Lessons 2-4 Research, Consulting, and Managing Skills

Learn how to analyze different processes and link them to the standard. With the results of your analyses, you will have to consult your organization with the best advice to implement. Last it is important to ensure that the standard is audited and up-to-date within your organization.

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